Tennis Captain

Kevin Hunt

"As Tennis Captain my primary duty is to ensure that we always have a regular supply of balls and that pairings are fair and balanced!! We have club nights from 5pm-7pm during the week with a mixed bag of ages and abilities - guests of a reasonable standard are welcome to join in. Outside of that time, visitors can book the courts at the club or by phoning the number provided."
Number of Courts
  2 courts open daily from 8 a.m. to 8:00 p.m
Tennis Information Tennis Fees
Court (per hour) - 120 Baht
Guest playing with a member - 80 Baht
Lighting - per court per hour - 40 Baht
Bookings Tel: Mr. Noi 0899527425

Booking of Courts:
i) Only one booking can be made at a time for a maximum of 1 hour..
ii) Only when the match has finished can a booking be made for another time..
iii) A court booking is only legitimate if two persons show up to play within ten minutes of the booking time..
iv) From 4:30p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday to Friday both courts are reserved for members and their guests only..
v) Organized Club events take precedence over individual bookings. Check the Notice Board for club events. .
Players must dress appropriately. Only heelless soft-soled running shoes are permitted on the courts..
i) It is a player’s duty to be courteous on and around the courts, and to leave the courts clean and tidy..
ii) Whether on the court playing, or outside waiting to play, please try to keep the noise level down. Loud conversation can be both distracting and annoying to players..
On December 26 (Boxing Day) the Clubs' tennis 'stars' organised a well received tournament which was ably attended by a hardy group of 14 players who braved the cold conditions and tucked in to a succulent BBQ afterwards. The winner of Group 'A' was Steve Chalk and Group 'B' Moto, with the booby prize going to Nick.
     Front row L-R: Doi, O, Joy and Sa Back row L-R: Steve, Moto, Nick, Sriksee, Doug, Nick, Jaguar, Ian and Willy. Richard at the back.

"Competitive Tennis"
     Club championships are held in September and October every year with a feed in system so everyone gets competitive tennis. Challenge matches against other clubs ( local and regional ) are also arranged on an ad hoc basis.

Tennis Coach


oach Anne (Nipada Kaewborish) an ex Thailand tennis star and a member of Thailand's Fed Cup team Now spends most of her time here at Gymkhana Club and the 700 Year Stadium in Chiang Mai, teaching the young hopefuls of Chiang Mai the finer points of the game. Anne can be contacted via her web page here Or telephone: 090-6536463/086-0305353

The first squash court, made entirely from teak, was erected in 1898 at the Chiang Mai Gymkhana Club in the first year of the organisations existence. Sadly, the court was demolished in 1985 after some 90 years of use.


n 1910 David McFie, a founding member of the Chiang Mai Gymkhana Club, sponsored the first organised squash competition, a doubles event named the Chiang Mai Challenge Cup. The fixture was held in Bangkok at the Royal Sports Club but unfortunately has recently lapsed, although efforts are being made for it's resurection. The first squash competition conducted at the Chiang Mai Gymkhana Club was held in 1911 and known as the Lowe Cup.

The Peter Corney Trophy

     The recently inaugurated Peter Corney Trophy (left) which also involves cricket is played between the Chiengmai Gymkhana Club and the British Club (Bangkok) yearly in January.
     Also played yearly, alternating between Chiang Mai and Bangkok, is a match between the new and old boys of the Vajiravudh College (Bangkok) and the Gymkhana Club.

Squash Information / Squash Fees

* Members free
* Non member per hour - 100 baht
* Non member with member - 80 baht
Bookings Tel: Club office 053-241035
Number of Courts :2 courts with balcony viewing. Both courts have ceiling fans.In addition, one of the courts can also be air-conditioned (although the air-conditioner is rarely used).
Rackets for Hire : Yes, although rather old– available from the court attendant.
Squash Balls : Occasionally available but not always - better to bring your own.
Shoes : IMPORTANT – shoes must be non-marking.
Booking System : No booking system, just turn up and play. If there is a queue, play 3 sets only, then rotate.
Scoring System : Set up to 11 points, every rally counts.
Number of Players : About 10-15 in total of whom only about half are regulars.
Regular Meeting Times : Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays @ about 5 p.m. onwards.
Facilities : Both before and after playing, non-members and visitors are very welcome to use the Gymkhana Club's facilities (e.g., changing rooms, showers, verandah bar, restaurant, etc.) except for the 'members' bar inside the Clubhouse.

Squash Committee

Bob Molloy 081 0207667
Willie Bourne 085 0418670

Chiengmai Gymkhana as a Sports Club was originally founded in 1898 by
a group of local teak loggers and British expatriates. Today, over 100 years on, we are proud
to be not only the oldest sports club in Thailand and one of the oldest in Asia, but a part of Chieng Mai's heritage. The club has an international membership and is managed by a mix of
Thais and expats from around the world.
Chiengmai Gymkhana Golf Club
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